In May, 2017 Drs. Jonathan Melk and Darlene Melk made a special trip to Montero to touch base with RVF families and staff, and to gather content for the soon-to-be updated website. They were accompanied by five volunteer newcomers to Bolivia: Dr. Krekamey Craig, a pediatrician and RVF super-supporter from Montclair, NJ; Amy Sirot and Laura Sweet, both longtime RVF board members; and high school juniors Jordan Craig and Lucia Ledesma. Dr. Craig, who runs Denville Pediatrics in NJ, is a longtime supporter of the RVF who knew of the Fund’s work and wanted to go for herself to see how the fund operates in Montero. She brought along her daughter Jordan, an aspiring physician herself who is already dreaming of a career in public health. Jordan is also an avid photographer and spent much of her time in Montero chronicaling the life of RVF patients and their families. Jordan was joined by her friend Lucia Ledesma, daughter of board member Laura Sweet. Lucia is an aspiring documentary filmmaker, and she gathered hours of footage which she will be editing into a documentary for the RVF. Jordan and Lucia communicated with local residents in Spanish; both girls have been studying Spanish for years. (Lucia's father is from Spain) They called the experience one of the most meaningful in their lives! You can download Lucia's essay about her experience.

Participants were:

  • • Dr. Darlene Melk - MD, Pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer of RVF
    Medical Director of Southern Arizona Children’s Health Project / Director of Community Pediatrics — Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Arizona
  • • Dr. Jonathan Melk - MD, Chief Executive Officer of RVF
    Chief Executive Officer / Chief Medical Officer — Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Arizona
  • • Dr. Krekamey Craig - MD, Pediatrician and RVF supporter and volunteer
    Dr. Craig runs Denville Pediatrics in Denvile, NJ. She is an attending physician at the Goryeb Children’s Hospital, Morristown Medical Center and at St. Clare’s Hospital in Denville and serves on the Peer Review Committee at Morristown Medical Center.
  • • Laura Sweet, RVF Board Member
    Laura is a visual designer specializing in brand strategy, corporate identity, and user experience design. She is currently the Visual Design Lead for Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Division
  • • Amy Sirot, RVF Board Member
    Amy is the Parent Coordinator at MS 447 in Brooklyn
  • • Jordan Craig, high school student and future doctor
  • • Lucia Ledesma, high school student and future filmmaker

Posing in front of La Escuelita - Dr. Darlene Melk took the picture!

Admiring the impressive info graphics that the Consejo uses to keep track of their patient population.

Dr. Jon Melk addresses RVF patients and families at La Escuelita