In May, 2014 Drs. Jonathan Melk, Darlene Melk and Lisa Hunt made a medical trip to Montero.  They were accompanied by two newcomers to Bolivia - Carlos Pena and Madeline Feyrer-Melk.  Carlos, a physician’s assistant who works with Jon and Darlene in the Chiricahua Community Health Centers in Douglas, AZ, is a long-time supporter of the RVF who had heard so much about the Fund’s work, he decided to go himself.  Assigned to the Cruz Roja clinic, Carlos reviewed and evaluated the medical progress of numerous children.  Madeline, a high school senior and future doctor, shadowed the doctors on patient evaluations, conducted family questionnaires and patient data collection, and improved her Spanish interacting with the families of our patients and the children in the orphanage.  Both Carlos and Madeline called the experience one of the best in their lives! 

Participants were:

  • • Lisa Hunt MD, Pediatrician
    A Community Pediatrician in Urban Phoenix
    Evaluated RVF patients in Villa Cochabamba Health Center
    This was Dr. Hunt's fifth year volunteering in Montero for the RVF.
  • • Darlene Melk MD, Pediatrician
    Community Pediatrician, Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Arizona
    Evaluated RVF patients at the Villa Cochabamba Health Center and began documenting program outcome
    This was Dr. Ray's third year volunteering in Montero for the RVF.
  • • Dr. Jonathan Melk, President of RVF
    Community Pediatrician, Chiricahua of Community Health Centers, Arizona
    Facilitated the work trip, as well as completed RVF programs oversight & evaluation
  • • Carlos Peña, Physician's Assistant at Chiricahua Community Health Centers in Douglas, AZ
  • • Madeline Feyrer-Melk, High School Student and future doctor!

Distrito 2 work team getting ready to start the rounds.

Monica displays her talent in creating patterns on dishcloths she paints.

Dr. Jon, Madeline and the daughter of a medical assistant - final day of work!