In addition to making a financial donation, many of our supporters want to do more. Some even venture as far as Bolivia! Every year a team of volunteers - made up of physicians, students, photographers, writers, other medical personnel, for example - make the journey to Montero, in Bolivia, to see the RVF in action. All volunteers are required to not only cover their own expenses, but to raise an additional amount of financial support, as well.

Our most recent trip, this past May, the RVF team of physicians (Jonathan Melk, Vince McColm, Lisa Hunt, and future doctor Alex Cronkite), spent a week with all the RVF patients, Community Health Workers, and Bolivian medical staff. The team starts work at the crack of dawn, works until late, endures hot, humid days, torrents of rain and mud, long hours at the clinic working with patients, and still - everyone reports that they had an incredibly rewarding journey!

For more information on all volunteer opportunities, in the United States or Bolivia, email rosaverafund@gmail.com. Examples of volunteer opportunities in the US include: hosting information/cocktail parties, lemonade stands, school coin drives or bake sales, and requesting donations to the RVF in lieu of birthday and anniversary gifts.

Read more about individual worktrips:

Volunteer Dr. McColm visits a patient at his home

Volunteer Dr. Hunt visits longtime RVF patient Maria Cielo