Madeline Feyrer-Melk

Meet Madeline, one of our many volunteers, who recently made the journey to Montero, Bolivia. Madeline is the niece of Drs. Darlene and Jonathan Melk, and has spent much of her life hearing about the work of the Rosa Vera Fund. Currently a high school senior in Fountain Hills, AZ, Madeline hopes to be a doctor someday, and wanted to get some experience seeing medicine in a developing nation. As required by all volunteers accompanying the RVF medical trips, Madeline held a fundraiser before her trip and earned over $2500 from friends of her parents to contribute to the RVF. Madeline felt a special connection to one RVF patient in particular, Karina Becerra, who received a kidney transplant through the support of the RVF. All of the funds Madeline raised are dedicated to helping Karina with her required anti-rejection drugs and follow up care.

Madeline (left) with Karina in Montero