Dr. Lisa Hunt

Dr. Hunt is a general pediatrician practicing in Phoenix, Arizona. Her focus is on providing good quality care for underserved children. She has traveled to Montero, Bolivia each year since 2010 with the Rosa Vera Fund and she has served on the board since 2012.

Dr. Hunt works alongside our Bolivian colleagues in the Villa Cochabamba clinic, seeing children and evaluating and planning interventions for the upcoming year.

Dr. Hunt's goals for the work trips are twofold: entering a community with limited resources and finding ways to utilize our donations to the fullest; and investigating each tiny detail of our patients' lives and attempting to "fill in the gaps" to make their lives better. These could be medical, social or even educational gaps that need filling - and no detail is too small to improve.

In Dr. Hunt's own words: "I can only hope to provide positive change for our precious patients and to impact their lives as much as they have improved mine."

Dr. Hunt

Dr. Lisa Hunt in Montero