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More than 90% of the RVF's funding comes via word of mouth, from friends, co-workers, and family members. Many supporters choose to dedicate their donation in memory of a loved one, or in honor of birthdays, anniversary parties, or graduations. Here we highlight some of our generous and dedicated supporters who make it possible for us to do the work we do!

In their own words: Dr. Julie Myers, MD

We would like to spotlight supporter Dr. Julie Myers, MD.

I have known Jon for well over 15 years, since we were study partners back in medical school, and have supported RVF since the very beginning. I believe deeply in absolutely everything that Jon does. He is an extremely committed and dynamic physician and leader. I can't think of someone I'd rather trust with my charitable contributions! And I know how hard he and the rest of the team works to ensure RVF's success. As a fellow physician who now works in public health, RVF's model (of providing funding to local experts and partners and of supporting community health workers/scholars in addition to providing care to needy children) is one I hold in the highest regard, and one that other philanthropists should look to emulate. Over the years, I have made regular contributions and hosted a fundraising evening; my parents hosted one, too. But more recently, I set up an automatic monthly donation to ensure that I never allow too much time to elapse between contributions. I want the dedicated RVF team to be able to count on me!

Katie Coppenbarger

We would like to spotlight Katie Coppenbarger, principal of
River Crest Elementary in Hudson, Wisconsin. In Katie's words:

We support the RVF because of the long-term support it provides to the people and individuals of Bolivia. Dr. Jon began this work because he cares about others, and watching him tell stories of the individuals and the community of Bolivia which the RVF has been able to help is incredible. Jon speaks with joy about what they have done, he talks about what they accomplish, he talks about how they have touched his life, he talks about what our donations have made possible, he never seems to talk about what he has done because he truly does this work for others.  I have known Jon since I was a preschooler and I am honored to call him a friend and support the mission of the RVF.  

Doris Casap and Tripp Warren

We would like to thank our friends Doris and Tripp for their kind and generous support of the RVF. In Doris's words:

Tripp and I believe strongly in the rights of all children to access healthcare. We were impressed with the RVF's work with providing both medical care and education to kids with special-healthcare needs. As a Bolivian, I'm thrilled to find an organization that works with Bolivian children and their families. As a businesswoman, I admire the RVF's commitment to use 100% of each donation towards its work, and am impressed with its strategy to be as sustainable as possible. And as a mom, I'm just happy to be able to know that my donation will go directly to a family trying to move away from dire poverty and provide a more humane life for their child.  

Skip & Jackie Redpath

Skip & Jackie, dear friends of Dr. Lisa Hunt in Arizona, are long-time supporters; but even more than that, they get their friends involved. In Skip's words:

Jackie and I donate to the Rosa Vera Fund for a number of reasons. First of all, our very good friend Dr. Lisa Hunt, who gives and gives for this honorable cause, not just her time, but also paying her own way to Bolivia to help the poor, needy children. Second, and probably most important to us, the funding goes to where it is really needed... the Children. We are so very impressed that the Administrative costs are just about ZERO, and the money goes to the actual health care and living needs of the Children. Jackie and I are very proud to know all of you who give of your valuable time and money to travel to Bolivia and Give, Give, Give. We totally enjoy the "gathering" each year at Lisa's house to see the progress you all have made in the lives of the Children. People do not have to give a lot...every dollar helps. Thank you for all you do!

Rhette Baughman 

Rhette became a committed RVF supporter after listening to a talk by board member, Dr. Lisa Hunt.  He had invited her to speak to members of his church about her trip to Bolivia.  Rhette explains, "Seeing the passion in her eyes at all the positive changes she is able to be a part of there, my heart was moved. While I may not have the talents or ability to travel to Bolivia and make a difference, supporting the Rosa Vera Fund gives me an opportunity to be a part of something much bigger than myself and my local community."


Alison Cohen

Alison Cohen has been a dedicated supporter of the RVF for many years. She often donates in honor of a friend's birthday, or in memory of a beloved family member. As Senior Director of Programs at WhyHunger, Alison is deeply committed to helping people both in the United States and around the world. When asked why she chooses to support the RVF, Alison says: "We tend to give small amounts to several different organizations every year – some that Warren and I choose and some that our daughters choose. And we believe in becoming long-term donors even if it means giving small amounts over time. As someone whose career has been exclusively in social justice and non-profit work, I've learned over time how valuable it is to commit to an effort and a strategy that you believe in, knowing that there could – should be -- bumps along the way. The organizations that thrive and grow and become robust, those that stay in it for the long-haul, are the ones that stay mission-driven and pride themselves on being learning organizations. Rosa Vera Fund is one such organization."

Sue and George Brunson

Here's a special thank you to Sue and George Brunson for their generous support of our work! A former teacher and grandmother of 5, Sue has a special connection to the Rosa Vera Fund - one of her favorite former students is actually named Rosa Vera!! Sue now runs BEE READING Company and is thrilled that with the opening of La Escuelita, their donation will be used to help more children learn to read and write. Thanks, Sue, George, and BEE READING!

Read more about Bee Reading here.

Denice Scantlin O'Leary

Denice Scantlin O'Leary is a long-time donor of the RVF. In fact, she responded to Jonathan's original email request for funds to pay for the surgery of Rosa Vera, the girl for whom the RVF is named. Denice has known Jonathan for years - they were friends and classmates from kindergarten. Of her commitment to the RVF, Denice says, "The main reason I support RVF is because I admire Jon and the work he does. Jon and I went to school together, kindergarten through senior year and he has ALWAYS been a person with integrity, empathy, and positiveness. I also support RVF because I know that every dollar donated is going to help someone, be it through education or medicine. Jon IS making the world a better place!"

Thanks, Denice - for your dedication and friendship!

Dr. Julie Myers

Katie Coppenbarger (far right) and family

Skip & Jackie Redpath

Rhette Baughmann

Sue Brunson
Alison Cohen

Sue Brunson
George and Sue Brunson

Denice Scantlin O'Leary