Kids Can Change the World! Madeline Feyrer-Melk recently won a competition in her school, and donated the prize to the Rosa Vera Fund. In her own words, here's her story:

In my life skills class, we have a competition called Project8. Each student picks a topic they're passionate about and creates an 8 min, 8 slide presentation to give to the class about what we can do to help the cause. I chose World Health, and talked about the huge lack of access to health care that is so prominent around the world; issues of world health, especially the curable diseases that take so many lives annually; roadblocks to solving the problem; some ways to help; organizations that help with bettering world health, and also two stories: one about a woman in Cambodia and the other about Karina Becerra, who is an RVF patient.

I presented to my class, along with everyone else, and we all voted on the top choices. Then I presented again, with the 7 other finalists in front of a panel of judges- one of whom was our superintendent! The judges decided the winner, and I was chosen. The class is in unison with our Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club, and we had decided that the winner would give $200 to donate to the organization of their choice that dealt with their topic. Of course, the RVF has such a special place in my heart, so of course I donated my $200 to the RVF. I'm really happy with it: I know how much good it can do down there.

We at the Rosa Vera Fund are all so proud of Madeline!

Madeline Feyrer-Melk with Uncle Jon and Aunt Darlene