Case Study: Wuilly

When Wuilly was 8 months old, his mother noticed that something was amiss. She took him see a doctor, and he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (extra fluid around his brain). He had surgery to relieve the pressure, which might have allowed him to develop normally. Unfortunately, that wasn't the outcome, and Wuilly became severely compromised, requiring his mother's full-time care.

When we met Wuilly in 2011, he was 10 years-old and unable to speak or sit on his own. It was clear that his mother was devoting her life to him and needed help. His father was gone for an extended work opportunity. Due to his physical disability, he had become very difficult to feed. At 10 years of age, he weighed a mere 28 pounds.

Wuilly became an RVF patient in 2011. We pay for weekly physical therapy, nutritional supplementation and visits to specialists. Wuilly has a long road ahead of him, but thanks to the RVF, he and his mother no longer have to face it alone.

Wuilly and mother