Case Study: Maria Cielo

Maria Cielo, an orphan, was born with microtia. Microtia is a condition in which the inner and outer ears are not formed completely in utero. Born in 1999, she has been a patient of the RVF since 2003. Up until this point, we have been supporting her with speech therapy and basic medical care. What Maria really needs now are special hearing aids. These hearing aids would need to be surgically implanted, and maintained.

Maria is a very timid and quiet girl. She often becomes tearful when asked about her ears. In May 2012, when visiting with Dr. Hunt, she became joyful and bragged to her friends in the orphanage when shown pictures of the hearing aids that would finally enable her to hear. Please help us provide Maria with an opportunity to finish school and enter society at her fullest potential.

Dedicate your donation to the purchase of Maria's hearing aid, and include your email if you would like periodic updates on Maria's progress.