Case Study: Luis

Luis Alejandro appears to be a typical teenage boy. However, when you try to converse with him, he does not answer and at times appears to be unable to hear you. It is difficult to engage him, and he seems to be living in his own world. When you hear about his history, this does not seem surprising.

Luis was born at least one month early. His mother actually delivered him at home. She remembers that she did not hear him cry for at least 30 minutes. At 6 months of age, he began having seizures. He then began to fall short of his developmental milestones. Luis was kept at home with his elderly grandmother for years. His mother was not able to find him a school due to the level of his needs.

Now, with RVF by her side, his mother is able to focus on finding him the right treatment for his seizures and our hope is that he will soon be able to attend school.