Case Study: Karina

Karina Becerra has been a patient of the RVF since 2005. When we first met her she was receiving dialysis because of her failing kidneys. This was difficult for her family due to the mounting costs of treatment and the logistics of arranging transportation to a distant location multiple times each week. Karina once said, “it was becoming hard for me to find the energy to wake up each day”. Thanks to RVF donors, she was kept alive with dialysis in the hopes of finding an eligible kidney donor.

In July of 2010, thanks to generous donors, Karina received her long awaited kidney from her aunt. It is our goal to continue to support Karina in the years ahead in order for her to reach her potential.  She plans to study nursing after graduating from high school.  She is a straight A student and has shown much discipline and maturity throughout her life.  Currently RVF provides her with costly medicine, follow up visits with her nephrologist and the clean water and special foods she must take daily in order for her not to reject her transplanted kidney or succumb to infection.  So far, she has been recognized as one the few successful pediatric renal transplant cases in Bolivia.

"I Karina, thank you with all my heart.  I will not tire of thanking you for your help."