Case Study: Jose David

Over 350,000 children are born every day throughout the world. Although childbirth is a natural part of life, many newborns suffer injuries during the process. Jose David was one of those newborns. His mother went into labor spontaneously, but due to the distance she had to travel, his delivery was prolonged and he suffered brain injury during the process.  This would most notably affect the muscles in his legs and torso and impair his speech. 

Jose David was living in a home with dirt floors, not going to school or getting any therapy when we met him. His parents, busy providing for the other 2 children in the home, were not able to give him the special attention he needed. The nurse caring for him was determined to see him receive consistent physical therapy and go to school.  Thanks to RVF, a physical therapist came to his home weekly until daily transportation was arranged to bring him to the local school for special needs children, where he receives his therapy.