Case Study: Jose Carlos

Jose Carlos was born into the world with a healthy body.  Sadly, after suffering from repeated ear infections as a toddler, his hearing was nearly gone by the time he turned 4. With normal intelligence, but lacking normal speech or hearing, Jose would be unable to progress in school. Without any local resources for his disability, Jose never learned how to sign and his life soon became somewhat limited. He would begin working with his father in manual labor and then turn to his passion of soccer during his free time. 

In 2012, after seeking the opinion of several specialists, the RVF provided Jose with a long awaited dream.  He would receive a hearing aid, and for the first time in over 10 years, Jose could hear the sound of paper crinkling, a bird singing and most importantly, another human voice. The road is just beginning for Jose, as he struggles to learn how to speak, but we are hopeful that through therapy and the support of his family, he will finally be able to communicate and realize his full potential in his future.