Case Study: Elizabeth

Our pediatric cases are reviewed each year by our American volunteer pediatricians, and the children are watched over and cared for by our incredibly committed medical teams in Bolivia throughout the year. Elizabeth’s case is an example of how essential these professionals are to ensuring that the children receive the treatments they need.

Elizabeth was adopted into the RVF after one of our community health care workers found her outside her home, being cared for by her 8 year old sister. Although Elizabeth was 12 years old at the time, her younger sibling was more mature and capable than she was because of Elizabeth's cognitive delays. 

Our intervention with Elizabeth was simple. She needed to go to school. However, getting her there would prove to be more challenging than imagined.  There are no school buses in Bolivia - children either walk or their caregivers pay for someone to drive them. The special school for Elizabeth was too far for her to walk to, so we needed to arrange for her to get a ride. Thankfully, the nurse caring for her devised a plan that involved her and two other RVF patients. Now all three children are transported daily to the school and are getting the socialization and teaching that they deserve.