Case Study: Dulce

Dulce was born in 2002 to healthy young parents. The pregnancy and delivery were apparently unremarkable; however, Dulce never learned to crawl or talk. There is no clear diagnosis or explanation for her condition, but her incredibly committed mother gives her an advantage over other children with similar limitations. In fact, her mother has chosen to devote her life to the impeccable care of her daughter - preparing her special foods, taking her to physical therapy appointments one hour away, reading to her, and carrying her everywhere she needs to go. It is no surprise that Dulce’s face lights up when she sees her mother enter the room.  They share an incredible bond. 

The RVF has been key in enabling this special family to continue to care for their special daughter.  We pay for her physical therapy sessions and nutritional supplements. Thanks to our consistent support, she has been making progress she would not have otherwise realized.