Case Study: Edith

Edith Vera has been a part of the Rosa Vera Fund from the very beginning. Before the RVF existed, she met our founder, Jonathan, who arranged for corrective heart surgery to be performed on her sister Rosa. One year after Rosa Vera’s death, the Rosa Vera Fund was born and Edith became one of the first patients. 

Edith was born a healthy child with normal development but was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 6 years old. Edith’s parents were determined to seek the best care for their daughter, but her seizures proved to be difficult to control. Her unpredictable seizures and strong medications interfered with her ability to focus and learn at school. Now, thanks to the RVF, our physician volunteers and the persistent hard work of our Bolivian professionals, she has been placed on a medication regimen that is controlling the seizures.  Edith is doing much better now and has even began volunteering her time at the clinic where she receives her care.