The RVF Scholarship Program is available to any employee of the CSRA, with priority given to Community Health Workers and pediatric patients. The educational scholarship may be utilized for career training both within and outside of the health field. In a country where financial aid for education is extremely scarce, we are proud to play an integral role in the development of the personal goals and professionalization of these ambitious young men and women.

CARMEN:  Medical Assistant 

Beginning in 2005, Carmen worked for years as one of our most diligent health care workers providing preventive health care door-to-door for her community.  Impassioned by her work, she applied for an RVF scholarship in 2011 to become a medical assistant.  Working during the day and studying in the evenings and on weekends, Carmen fulfilled her dream of graduating in June, 2013.  She is now applying her skills to CSRAM as a full time medical assistant, and is an active donor to the RVF.

Total cost of scholarship:  $1846

MARLENE:  Pharmacy Technician
Marlene has worked as a medical assistant for  CSRAM since 2003.  However, the school where she studied had never been credentialed by the Bolivian government—so her degree was not valid.  With new laws in place that require credentialed health care workers, Marlene decided to apply for an RVF scholarship to study in a different area that interests her even more—pharmacy.  Since March, 2013, Marlene has been studying in the evening and on weekends to become a licensed Pharmacy Technician.  She is due to complete her studies in early 2014.
Total Cost of Scholarship:  $345
Graduation:    December, 2013

Scholar Carmen
Scholar Marlene