Our Bolivian Partner

Although the RVF is small, we are in fact quite unique in the field of international relief and development. What makes our methodology so unusual and effective is that we don't actually do the work. Rather, we leave this to our Bolivian colleagues, highly motivated, highly capable professionals who have built inspired careers based on improving the health disparities among their people and communities. Although we meet frequently and have brought many interventions to fruition together, it is in fact our Bolivian colleagues that make everything possible.

Our partner, the Consejo de Salud Rural Andino Montero (CSRAM--Rural Andean Health Counsel in Montero) is a respected Bolivian non-profit, non-governmental organization located in Montero, Bolivia. The CSRAM has provided model preventive and curative services to some of Bolivia's poorest populations, particularly women and children, since 1983. Multiple CSRAM-designed programs are now being adopted by the federal government for implementation nationwide.

For the RVF, the CSRAM oversees the selection of beneficiaries, administration of all prevention, medical, and social services, and official fund accounting/reporting; and 2) the RVF, composed of an all volunteer and highly committed board in the United States, conducts grassroots fundraising efforts and promotes its mission among an ever expanding network of individual benefactors.

For more information on the Consejo de Salud Rural Andino, please visit their websites: http://www.csra-bolivia.org and http://www.csramontero.com

The local CSRA team